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Climate Justice Organizing HUB Wiki

As a transformational social movement, climate justice applies anti-oppression and intersectionality to framing the climate crisis.

This platform is intended for future and current activists in this movement.

We invite you to start by taking note of our land acknowledgement.

Why create a Wiki?

We wish to ease access to the movement by strengthening a common understanding of it. The content of this platform is intended to be informed by activist and scholarly perspectives from the field, in order to reflect the movement. You can send suggestions for modifying or adding content on existing pages to

Climate Justice Organizing 101

By Topic


Actions and campaigning

Climate justice

Decision Making

Group dynamics
Recruitment and retention

Student Organizing

Other (See our definitions pages below!)


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The HUB website

The HUB is a project of the Small Change Fund

Funding for the HUB is entirely provided by Canadian philanthropic foundations. The HUB is formally a project of the Small Change Fund, an Ontario-based charity organization. The HUB is run by its Directors and their larger team, in constant consultation with the climate justice organizers we seek to serve. The HUB also maintains relationships with Vision Team Advisors, that bring perspectives from different parts of the movement ecosystem and help the HUB show up in the best way possible.