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The medical industrial complex is a network of corporations and institutions which supply healthcare services and products for profit and at the expense of promoting care and wellness; complex, overlapping web of eugenics, charity and ableism, population control, and desirability - Abolition & Disability Justice Collective and the work of Mia Mingus, Patty Berne, and Cara Page, adapted by Michelle Xie [1]

Examples of the medical industrial complex

Targeting oppressed populations

  • Black people were experimented on to advance medicine. [2]
  • Some medical professionals deny queer and trans communities care, or try to 'covert' them to heterosexual. [3]
  • Indigenous women face forced sterilization. [4]


  • Disabled bodies are targeted as something to fix. [5]

For-profit health care

  • Health care services such as dental, vision, nutrition, mental health and physical therapy are part of for-profit health care; they are only available to those who can pay for them.

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