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The following content was additional insight collected from student organizers during the learning circle on navigating student turnover.

Knowledge from learning circles

When asked about incorporating more social and fun activities to build relationships, learning circle participants suggested…

As someone who started a group during the pandemic, in my experience it was important to designate someone or a group to organizing social events. When people stopped coming to online social events, we included social time in the online meetings. People were demotivated from the online time, so we had to include it in the meetings

  • Have a different theme for each meeting (hat, pijamas...)
  • Use interactive online tools to share thoughts

Not exceeding meeting times so as not to exhaust people

Extended time for check-ins and check-outs with fun questions like “what plant do you feel like?” 

Connect through discussing emotions like shared frustrations and joys

Holding actions without the pressure of going bigger, larger. Hold small actions and focus on the relationships that actions deepen.

For example, an easy activity to organize is a banner drop with picture taking. The point is to gather people.

Escalation of relationship building tactics: start by planning things like an email campaign or phone zap (no relationship building), then something like an open letter campaign, distributed and signed (opportunity to build relationships), and then organize a demonstration.

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