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The following content was additional insight collected from student organizers during the learning circle on navigating student turnover.

Knowledge from learning circles

Learning circle participants explained they have taken on more responsibility since the beginning of the pandemic. Experiences they shared about this included:

  • Increased feelings of isolation
  • Felt good for their mental health to get involved.
  • Online commitments were difficult, and there was no way to really celebrate wins.
  • Difficult to stay on top of concerns, resolve conflicts, connect with people's feelings online.

Suggestions included:
Make posts on social media inviting people to share whatever time they have to give and possible tasks you need support with, and invite people to larger meetings.

Build relationships with new people, and mention understanding for the lack of time of people who commit.

When you have designated positions, it's helpful to have an email for the position rather than contacting the personal email of the person who has that role.

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