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Xenophobia describes a fear and hatred of those who are perceived to be foreign, strange, or dangerous, that is often reflected in anti-immigration rhetoric. - Asian American Activism: The Continuing Struggle [1]

Xenophobia differs from racism, which has a broader meaning set that includes believing that racial differences produce superiority for some and inferiority for others. Although they are similar, it is possible to be both xenophobic and racist.

Examples of Xenophobia in Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic [2]

  • The COVID-19 virus originated in the city of Wuhan in China. For some people, the virus gave them 'permission' to target immigrants, or people who look like immigrants, of Asian decent with hateful words and actions.
  • Some people called for an end to immigration from China, even after the virus had already made its way into Canada.
  • Some called the virus the 'Chinese' virus.

Canadian Figures

  • Quebec Premier François Legault commented that multiculturalism is a threat to the French language. He explained "it's important that we don't put all cultures on the same level; that's why we oppose multiculturalism," Legault said. [3]
  • In 2018 Don Cherry, who for many years hosted Coach's Corner on Hockey Night in Canada, was fired for accusing immigrants, who he called 'you people that come here' of disrespecting Canadian veterans by not wearing poppies (of which he had no evidence). [4]

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