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Anti-racism is "the work of actively opposing racism by advocating for changes in political, economic, and social life. Anti-racism tends to be an individualized approach, and set up in opposition to individual racist behaviors and impacts." -Center for Racial Justice Innovation

Examples of anti-racism

Learning about, and actively working to identify and challenge, racial inequities

  •  Racism is a part of all of our systems, including for example health care, criminal justice, income and employment, education and housing. [1]
  • One must learn about the history, impacts and/or experiences of racism.

Seek out media which challenges notions of race and culture

  • TV might include the Netflix series "Dear White People"
  • Anti-racist podcasts listens include
  • Anti-racist literature includes

Organizing against racism

  • Fighting for equity, often in the form of a complete overhaul of our current systems (see abolition) and challenging the ways certain groups are disadvantaged is anti-racist work.
  • Abolishing systems that perpetuate racism and building transformative systems that centre care is anti-racist work. See transformative justice for more.

See the following for a list of recommended media on anti-racism, and recommendations for taking steps beyond educating yourself.

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