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The convergence of struggles refers to a strategy of organizing and mobilizing social movements centered on building bridges between different causes with a view to escalating means of pressure against a common enemy." [1]

In the context of the climate crisis, convergence makes it possible to analyze the climate crisis in a broader context." -Mostafa Henaway

“Convergence can exist without a coalition or common front. [...] It is to look at an issue from several angles." -Sau Mei Chiu

Why converge?

In a webinar offered in French by the HUB, Marouane Joundi discusses the strategic and moral arguments for a convergence of struggles. A thorough explanation can be found in their research report.

The main arguments:

1. What we fight is coordinated and united.

2. Collectively, we are stronger.

3. Collectively, we can create political opportunities.

4. Convergence allows for a true diversity of tactics.

5. Converge allows a symbolic force through unexpected alliances

How to achieve real convergence?

The movement will go nowhere if it is not anti-racist. He will hit a wall: he will not question power." -Mostafa Henaway

"We must focus on the most marginalized people who are within racialized groups [...] Ask ourselves who are the most marginalized to build a convergence around these people." -

Tasnim Rekik

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