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Onboarding describes the intake process of bringing in new people to strengthen organizing teams, movements, coalitions, and other such groups working towards transformative social change; creating opportunities to learn and upskill in order to ensure sustained involvement, interest, and action. - Michelle Xie [1]

In other words, it is the "process of moving from casual supporter to active grassroots member." -Power Shift [2]

Examples of Onboarding [3]

Sign up sheets at actions
  • Having a way people to sign up to learn more about your organization, about upcoming actions, or ways to get involved, is a simple method to onboard new members.

Welcoming new members 

  • An example is to provide a welcome package explaining the basics of your group, milestones for the first weeks of engagement, a clear line of support for that new recruit and a place to address questions.

Using the ladder of engagement

  • Another helpful onboarding tool it using the ladder of engagement model to plan for low barrier ways to act, and move supporters up to more intensive ways to act.

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