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Structure is the way a design is presented and implemented by the organization or movement: through autonomous groups, teams forming a whole, large-scale coordination, etc. - The HUB

Examples of structure components

Working groups or committees

  • "CJTO is grouped into four central Branches: Campaigns & Mass Mobilization; Public Education & Storytelling; Community Care, Mutual Aid, & Access; Systems & Admin. Each of these branches are decentralized and [have] their own centres of power and decision-making. Branches carry the work of CJTO and are accountable to our political principles." -Climate Justice Toronto. [1]
  • A steering committee may be included in a structure as a connector to the various working groups. They act as another body to oversee that working groups are in line with the organizational principles or mission, and/or that there's some level of cohesion between working groups.

Decision-making bodies for larger structures

  • There are many students involved in 'La CEVES', thus, there are many decision making bodies. There are campus and working committees, a coordination committee with a rep from each, general assemblies, and a 'congress' for group-wide decision making.
  • Student associations have executive committees (with elected members) and general assemblies for determining mandates

Assigned roles

  • Examples of roles included in a structure might include, for example; bottom-liners, external/internal communicators, social media lead, a 'vibes' checker, brave space monitor, facilitator etc. For more on roles, attend the HUB's structure workshop!
  • Elements of structure may try to implement horizontality to prevent top-down decision making and a hoarding of power. For example, a horizontal structure might decide to rotate roles.
  • For more on horizontality, see our response to the community question, 'how do horizontalism and deep democracy work?'

Decision making processes are a key element of structure. For more on this, see our wiki on making decisions that don't take forever.

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