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Precariousness is the social reality composed of uncertainty; a state in which one's situation is not assured (i.e. housing precariousness, job precariousness). It is a "social vulnerability". [1]

We can define precariousness as the state of an uncertain life with a lack of protection against social risks as well as unstable income and employment." - Vadim Kvachev [2]

Régis Pierret identifies that there are people who are protected from precariousness, “precarious” people and “precarious” people. People protected from precariousness do not feel concerned by this situation. “Precarious” people know that their status can be ephemeral, that they can be “precarized at any time”. [3]

Examples of consequences of precariousness

  • Having to work in unacceptable conditions
  • Having to work under a temporary or unofficial contract
  • Having to work in difficult conditions without special compensation

For more information, check out the following Interview with Robert Castel, director of advanced studies in social sciences and researcher on the precariousness of work

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