Climate Justice and Imperialism: Debunking Global Systems of Oppression

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This page was created to provide an overview of the webinar entitled Climate Justice, Imperialism and Palestine: Unpacking Global Systems of Oppression organized by the Climate4Palestine coalition.

Climate 4 Palestine

We are organizers from across Canada standing up in solidarity with our comrades and loved ones in Palestine as they resist the occupation and genocide committed by Israel. The fight for climate justice cannot be separated from the recognition of the right of people to sovereignty over their land. It must include the protection of human rights and call for an end to settler colonialism and imperialism.

The Palestinian liberation movements show us the voice, and we add our voices to the millions of workers and people around the world who are calling for the liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea."

To stay up to date with their public actions, you can follow them on instagram. To stay in touch, you can fill out this form.

Webinar of March 12, 2024

Animation: Maya Menezes (bottom right of the image above)

Panelists: Harsha Walia (bottom left), Ellen Gabriel (top left), Yafa Jarrar (top right), and Rachel Small (bottom center)

View the event for yourself on youtube HERE!

We encourage you to view the event as a group, and refer to the Discussion Guide to reflect further on the content.

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