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Privilege is the systemic effect observed at the individual and social level where differential treatment and/or access to resources is due to socially-constructed positionality. - The HUB

Examples of Privilege

White privilege

Explains how "white people are, through racialization [prioritization of skin color arising from racism], advantaged by their skin colour even in the event of economic disadvantage." - Race Forward [1]

Able-bodied privilege

Able-bodied privilege is "living under the assumption that everybody else on earth can speak, hear, see, and get around, more-or-less the same way we do, with a similar amount of ease." - Kate Harveston [2]

Heterosexual privilege

Heterosexual privilege is "unearned, often unconscious or taken for granted benefits afforded to heterosexuals in a heterosexist society based on their sexual orientation."  -University of California [3] For example, queer people have to declare their sexuality, otherwise they are often assumed to be heterosexual.

For more on how privilege and oppression intersects, see intersectionality.

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