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 A just transition is a transition away from an extractive, fossil fuel dependent economy and towards a regenerative economy that provides dignified, productive, and ecologically sustainable livelihoods, democratic governance, and community resilience - Climate Justice Alliance [1]

Examples of a Just Transition

Job training and retraining

  • "Designing the training must take into account the needs of the communities and connect the workers to actual high-quality jobs."-Natural Resources Defense Council [2]
  • When a fossil fuel project closes, there can be ripple effects for workers. Workers in these fields must be prioritized in the jobs created by a transition off fossil fuels.

Equity for those most impacted

  • For example, by "ensuring that low-income communities and communities of colour—which account for the majority of neighborhoods most heavily exposed to pollution—see a fair share of the investment" [3] in projects necessary to transition off fossil fuels, such as in renewable energy projects/

Reparations for those most impacted

  • For example, financial reparations for those impacted by colonialism, which profited off of the exploitation of Indigenous Peoples.

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