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Escalation is the “ [progressive] increase in the means used in a conflict.” -Usito [1]

Through increasingly ambitious, disruptive actions, escalation can take shape. This leads to polarization which forces the population to take a position, and hopefuly act, on an issue. - The HUB

Stages of escalation [2]

Bring the issue into the public arena

  • Protest (i.e. demonstrations, petitions, marches)
  • Presenting alternatives (i.e. teach-in lectures).

Legal actions that deal with the issue

  • Legal non-cooperation (i.e. strikes, consumer boycotts).
  • Legal innovative activities (i.e. fair trade, cooperative businesses, nonviolent intervention).
Illegal actions that deal with the issue
  • Civil disobedience (i.e. sit-ins, blockades, strikes, war resistance). *Note that not all forms of civil disobedience are illegal.

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